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Jeff Sutherland on Scrum – if you follow the flight plan you will be taken down

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Jeff Sutherland explains how Scrum was originated.

Key to the success: Make work visible

Every morning, there’s a bullet coming at you with your project’s name on it. If you follow the plan, you will be taken down. Most of the project managers don’t get out of the way. 84% of IT projects are failures.

In the daily meeting we need to debate what is the next item in the sprint backlog that we would implement that touch which component that would cause the biggest impact in the system that would emerge a new capability. The minimal change to push the capability forward.

The whole team needs to know the architecture of the system and they all needs to argue about where they touch the system to systematically produce the feature in the shortest time possible.

Conway’s Law: the culture of the organization reflects in the system architecture – you need to create an object oriented organization

Jeff Sutherland

Jeff Sutherland on Scrum




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