With sophisticated pricing analysis you find out what sells and what doesn’t. Identify high seasons and top products, monitor how discounts and competitor prices affect your demand, use the forecasting to complement the decision making process. Beat competition by reacting faster to market changes!

Turnover Maximization
Your prices are always optimal for turnover maximization based on price elasticity of demand. Apprien can boost your LTV either by increasing prices when the willingness to pay is higher or by optimizing sales volumes. Method used by successful mobile game companies worldwide is now available for you too.

Dynamic Pricing
And best of all – it’s totally automatic. Sit back and let Apprien take care of the daunting job of pricing a whole range of products. In the meanwhile you and your staff can monitor growing revenue streams on the dashboard and focus on developing the key areas of your business.



Pesis Live pesäpallon liveseurantaa. Seuraa Superpesiksen, Ykköspesiksen, Suomensarjan ja Nuorten Superpesiksen otteluita reaaliaikaisesti.

Sovellus on pesislive.fi -palvelun pro-versio, jossa näet heti edellisten vuoroparien pöytäkirjan (vain päivän otteluista), jakso- ja vuoroparikohtaiset tilastot (vain päivän otteluista), tallentuvat asetukset sekä nopeampi latautuminen. Ilmoitukset seuraamistasi otteluista suoraan puhelimen ilmoituskeskukseen! Ei mainoksia!


Customer Support Ticket Systems

PHZ.fi offers Software as a Service (SaaS) -based customer support ticket systems. We will do hosting, installation, customization and application support for your business critical systems.

Features include for example:
– Autoresponder
– Email integration
– Customer portal
– Dashboard reports

The solution is based on

We can also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) upto 24/7 and 99.9% availability with fast reaction times to solve any problems in the production systems.

Ask for quote from sales(at)phz.fi !


Responsive Image Cache

A next generation image cache targeting to offer truly responsive images that are exactly of the correct size for each client device. The biggest problem in today’s responsive web site development are the mobile images which slow down the page loads and hinder the user experience. The existing solutions offer non-optimal pre-configured sizes which are difficult to configure and non-optimal at best. This is a open source project for anyone to use and contribute, and written in Go and Javascript.

Open Source @ GitHub