Email and Webmail usage instructions

Here are the usage instructions for the email system Webmail
Log in with your username & password. Username is typically less than 8 characters. (Technical note: it’s a Unix login).

Changing your password
You can change your email password by connecting to by using SSH client, such as PuTTy. Use your email login & password.

Vacation Autoresponder
See Webmail Usage Instructions

Spam Filtering
Every email account has a .Spam -folder which contains spam that is automatically blocked by email system. You can help us to learn more about spam by marking emails as spam by using for example Thunderbird, and then Deleting them. Our auto-learning script looks for emails marked as Spam in the Trash and learns new rules daily from all of our users to reduce Spam further.

Email Filtering and Sorting
You can configure the Email Filterings and Sortings to various subfolders (such as email-lists, priority emails etc.) by logging on the Webmail and choosing Filters from the upper menu.

You also use a traditional email client such as Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or your mobile phone. Use the following settings to set up the account:

Receiving by IMAP(S)
Server Name:
Port: 993
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password
User name: (your email login, same as when logging in to Webmail)
Note! We use only encrypted secure IMAPS, normal IMAP is supported only over SSH tunnel (contact customer support to upgrade your account).

Receiving by POP3
Server Name:
Port: 143
Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Sending Email by SMTP
Server Name:
Port: 465
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password

Problems & Solutions

Problem: Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone Outlook 2010 says error code 800C0000 while synchronizing emails.
Solution: This problem is a bug in Windows Phone Outlook 2010 client caused by bad email content such as special characters. Other email clients can handle this situation, but Windows Phone unfortunately not. Typical problematic characters in emails might include for example:



The issue can be resolved by moving the offending email to some other sub-folder. Log in to webmail: then search for special characters not displaying properly. Select the message by clicking the check-box on the right. Use “Move” button to move the message to some other folder (such as Drafts).


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