What is Software Exorcism?

At PHZ Full Stack we perform software exorcism on the Dark Side of the code to evict bugs and black magic out of the customer system. Demons and bad coding practices causes a huge world wide loss of productivity and millions of dollars, as existing, working code is rewritten every year. This work of the Devil is more commonly known as Version 2.0, but in reality is caused by being possessed by one or more of the following demons and Dark Side practices.

By banishing the demons, we have been able to lengthen the life cycles of many customer systems from mere months to several decades. By our calculations, saving the soul of  the existing code saves also your money. Typically you can save the investment cost of the system by every 18-60 months by using our services.


Here is a list of typical Demons or bugs that we have found to possess most of the systems of our customers.

The variety of adversaries we face while fighting the Devil is large, but here are some most common ones found in almost any system

  • Duplicatione Notitia – data duplication typically caused by thoughtless usage of ORMs
  • Effectus Perversos – benign code has unintended consequences after a change


Here is a short introduction to a few rituals that we perform to banish the demons.

Dark Side Practices

However, removing the Demons from your system is not sufficient alone, as they are a result of Dark Side practices used in your organization. Learn more how to improve your software engineering process by contacting our Chief Software Exorcist.

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