We love eSports

If you do, too, you should consider working for us. See our open positions and get in company of like minded people. Not only do we do competitive gaming recreationally we also occasionally have pro gamers at our offices.


We are committed to organizing cool eSports related events not only for ourselves but also for our friends and for the general eSports public. One example of such was our TI8 Viewing Party which turned out to be a great success. Get the latest scoop


Besides supporting we also have a few game specific teams of our own:

CS:GO lineup

  • Kaspar “Mehukatt!” Hagman-Chafei
  • Victor “Vixx” Sommardal
  • Vincent “Vinski” Knopp
  • Anton “Bjerger” Salminen
  • Jonatan “Jongo” Karumaa
  • Lucas “Swan” Sjöberg
  • Manager: Jens “General Mayhem” Brännback

DOTA 2 PHZ Full Stack team

  • Timo “Harzza” Haario
  • Tuomas “Tomes” Kontola
  • Jesse “NOboz” Honkanen
  • Alex “hamalaja” Hämäläinen
  • Eero “Erzi” Soikkeli

Clash Royale

Team Name: Luuranko
Clan Tag: #8CCRYOY
Clan Leader:


We are looking for players to support as well as developers to join our ranks so get in touch!

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