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Alustavan laskelman mukaan myynti nousi edellisvuodesta +90% saavuttaen 2.1 miljoonaa euroa vuonna 2016. Tämä jatkaa neljättä vuotta putkeen keskimäärin 80% vuosikasvua. Yhtiön palkkalistalla oli vuoden lopussa 39 henkeä.

Kiitokset kaikille työntekijöillemme, asiakkaille ja yhteistyökumppaneille erinomaisesta vuodesta! Vuonna 2017 menestystarinamme on tarkoitus jatkua samanlaisena tai jopa kiihtyä.

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Responsive Image Cache features Liquid Rescale

Coding Company Frontend Start-up

Our Aalto University open source student project RIC developing a Responsive Image Cache system by using the Go language has released a couple of very cool features.

The project idea is to offer the ultimate solution for web responsiveness for the increasing variety of mobile devices. Instead of offering for example just 3 break points with a few different image sizes, or preconfigured image sizes, RIC automatically detects exactly the right view port size for each image and device, thus offering precisely the best possible image for each user.

For example, if you request the image asset id 123456, RIC automatically detects whether your browser supports .webp format. If not it will try the next best .png, and fallbacks to .jpg and .bmp images. See for example this image where, you don’t need to specify the format, RIC picks the best option for you:

a waterfall responsively resized

The latest two new features includes liquid rescale by adding ?mode=liquid to the img src url.

a waterfall liquid rescaled

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Free Coffea Video Chat Published

Android Mobile Products Start-up proudly published today a new major version for the Coffea Video Chat. The new v2 version is a major improvement over the previous version, which was mainly a technology demo. The Coffea Video Chat allows people to chat over video and camera for Free.


The video chat works with all-to-all principle, so in the current version all the users see all the other users, who are logged in.


In the future version we will add support for contact lists, but this version serves well the users who like to have a chat with new acquaintances. Download Coffea Video Chat for your Android phone from the Google Play Store:



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Software Engineering Start-up

teedo-newfrontteedo-fullscreenToday we released a new front-end for our Lean Task Management Tool! The new front-end is utilizing the latest and most modern technologies such as AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 and semantic mark-up. The front-end is tested by using the Jasmine BDD-test suite. Check it out from

There are some new features, too:

  • There are two new detail views. First the “Detail beside the overview” is opened on the right side of the display every time you click on some task.
  • We moved the editing of the task description and other information to the detail (previously they were direct-manipulated on the task, but not anymore)
  • If you double-click on a task, a full screen detail opens.
  • The add-pane hovers is always visible and hovers at the bottom of the page.
  • As a bug fix, the description -field is now very large, so you can actually easily read & edit it.
  • As a bug fix, you can now read and edit the Test Plan, too

The idea of is to provide pure Lean task and work management tool-set for agile and lean organizations!

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