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Solution: Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone Outlook 2010 email sync error 800C0000


We found out a problem with Nokia Lumia 820 and Windows Phone Outlook 2010 not syncing emails but giving error 800C0000. After some debugging we found the following solution that is now added on on our email usage instructions page:

Problem: Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone Outlook 2010 says error code 800C0000 while synchronizing emails.
Solution: This problem is a bug in Windows Phone Outlook 2010 client caused by bad email content such as special characters. Other email clients can handle this situation, but Windows Phone unfortunately not. Typical problematic characters in emails might include for example:



The issue can be resolved by moving the offending email to some other sub-folder. Log in to webmail: then search for special characters not displaying properly. Select the message by clicking the check-box on the right. Use “Move” button to move the message to some other folder (such as Drafts).


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Free Coffea Video Chat Published

Android Mobile Products Start-up proudly published today a new major version for the Coffea Video Chat. The new v2 version is a major improvement over the previous version, which was mainly a technology demo. The Coffea Video Chat allows people to chat over video and camera for Free.


The video chat works with all-to-all principle, so in the current version all the users see all the other users, who are logged in.


In the future version we will add support for contact lists, but this version serves well the users who like to have a chat with new acquaintances. Download Coffea Video Chat for your Android phone from the Google Play Store:



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Coffea Chat released for Android

Android Company Products Start-up submitted and published today the Coffea video communications application for the Ericsson Application Awards 2013 -competition. The application is targeted for elderly people and is running on Android API 16 tablets.

Please watch the introduction video:

The prototype is available for testing at the Play Market.

We’d like to hear your comments how do you like the app 🙂

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