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Responsive Image Cache features Liquid Rescale

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Our Aalto University open source student project RIC developing a Responsive Image Cache system by using the Go language has released a couple of very cool features.

The project idea is to offer the ultimate solution for web responsiveness for the increasing variety of mobile devices. Instead of offering for example just 3 break points with a few different image sizes, or preconfigured image sizes, RIC automatically detects exactly the right view port size for each image and device, thus offering precisely the best possible image for each user.

For example, if you request the image asset id 123456, RIC automatically detects whether your browser supports .webp format. If not it will try the next best .png, and fallbacks to .jpg and .bmp images. See for example this image where, you don’t need to specify the format, RIC picks the best option for you:

a waterfall responsively resized

The latest two new features includes liquid rescale by adding ?mode=liquid to the img src url.

a waterfall liquid rescaled

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Teimme hiljattain työtyytyväisyyskyselyn, jossa kysyttiin työntekijöiltämme parannusehdotuksia ja 1-5 skaalalla kuinka tyytyväisiä kukin työhönsä on. Valtaosa yrityksen 20 työntekijästä vastasivat kyselyyn, ja lopputuloksena kaikki olivat joko erittäin tyytyväisiä (5)  tai hyvin tyytyväisiä (4) työhönsä. Keskiarvo kaikkien vastanneiden osalta oli 4.27 / 5, jota voi pitää ihan hyvänä tasona.

Kehitystoimenpiteenä perustimme toimikunnan, joka käy koeistumassa uusia erilaisia toimistotuoleja omalle toimistollemme (myös asiakkaiden luoksi vietäväksi :).

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75 suomalaista it-yritystä yhdistää voimiaan – “valituksia ei ole tullut”

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“Pienet ja keskisuuret yritykset ovat viime vuosina yhdistäneet voimansa julkisissa kilpailutuksissa. 75:stä it-alan yrityksestä koostuva Atrain pärjäsi keväällä ratkenneessa Valtion hankintayksikkö Hanselin kilpailutuksessa.

Atraimen edustajat pitävät omaa toimintamalliaan ylivoimaisena. Kyseessä on verkosto, joka on syntynyt julkisia kilpailutuksia silmällä pitäen.” on osana Atrain-ryhmittymää. Lue koko artikkeli:

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At we have found a better way to develop sustainable software by following the core values of Agile Manifesto

Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum has elaborated the meaning of values further.

We should Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Our core value is teamwork, which enables Collective Code Ownership and continuous learning. The sysadmins will pair with frontend developers and customers with the backend developers, trainees with senior developers. Studies have shown that when all communication obstacles have been removed, the team will perform up to 50x better than the industry average.

  • Respect for the worth of every person
  • Truth in every communication
  • Transparency of all data, actions and decisions
  • Trust that each person will support the team
  • Commitment to the team and to the team’s goals

Working software over Comprehensive documentation

By constantly refactoring the software by doing Test Driven Development, the best documentation for the software is 100% passing automated tests.

  • Define acceptance tests when defining the feature
  • Implement features serially and in priority order
  • Run acceptance tests on each feature as soon as they are implemented
  • Fix bugs that are identified as highest priority as soon as possible

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

We have found out that the Truth doesn’t reside in our office, but we should go out of the building and find out the real customer. Since it is difficult to get the customer to come over to our office, we normally nomadically roam on-site at customer premises.

  • When the team cannot work on-site with the customer (such as consumer projects), the team must appoint a customer proxy, product owner, who is always available at the office

Responding to change over following a plan

  • It is better to adapt to change quickly rather than agree and follow a fixed contract or a plan. We have found out that even a 2 week iteration might be a too long period to fix on a certain plan, customer typically wants to change the plan even faster especially on consumer services that are in production maintaned by Devops.
  • At we unfortunately do not excel at fixed price and scope projects, but try to avoid them. Instead we provide an agile team for an hourly rate, and the customer can decide on the scope, priority and the length of the project flexibly. By prioritizing the highest value and highest risk customer stories to be implemented first and released frequently (daily or weekly), the highest business value can be delivered quickly and the total project risk diminishes quickly towards the end of the project.


The core values are

  • High Skill
  • Teamwork
  • Feedback
  • High Quality
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