Global Game Jam x PHZ Full Stack

PHZ Full Stack is taking part in Finnish Game Jam this year by hosting a jam site at our office.

When: 25.1.2019 – 27.1.2019
Where: Yrjönkatu 23 B, 6.krs

Doors open: Friday 16:00
Doors close: Sunday 19:00

Theme released and jamming starts: Friday 17:00
Game must be submitted by: Sunday 17:00

Register to the event from Eventbrite.

What is a Game Jam?

Game Jam brings together all types of game creators to build new games from scratch. Jammers typically work in small teams of 2-8 people during the event, the teams can be formed at the event or before it. The theme of the Game Jam is announced on Friday night and participants try to produce a game that fits the theme before the deadline. Making a complete game with just 48 hours and limited resources sounds hard, but participants have unlimited creativity with them and everybody is helping each other to reach their goal.

Game Jam gathers the community of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students of any skill level to create, collaborate and practice their game making ability. Jam atmosphere is full of creativity and new ideas, it encourages jammers to look outside of their comfort zone and create something amazing and unique. The Finnish Game Jam is an annual event that gathers over 1000 jammers and organizers around Finland.

What do we offer to jammers?

The PHZ office is welcoming environment that is best suitable for teamwork. Our main workspace is roomy and our organizers will be on-site the whole time helping and answering questions. Our employees will also be on-site to offer their knowledge and insights for game creation.

PHZ Full Stack Office is located at Forum, Kukontori, 6th floor. The office has a capacity of about 70 workspaces. Don’t miss your seat, remember to register to the event via Eventbrite. We wish you to bring your own equipment (a laptop, mouse, mousepad etc.), but we have standard office equipment in case if you cannot bring your own. There will be a small kitchen, microwave, fridge, and coffee machine on-site. We’re also providing Sauna opportunity. Food and drinks will be provided occasionally.