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New Extreme Programming Adoption Record – 30.5 practices in just 6 weeks!

The latest (disclosed) PHZ customer project working on-site at customer premises hit on the last week the record of fastest Extreme Programming (XP)-process adoption seen this far. The previous scores have been:

The latest record is to adopt 30 and a half practices in just 6 weeks! Our current Extreme Programming list of practices include for example Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, 100% Code Coverage and Continous Integration (to test and production environments). There are currently total of 37 practices, with the Lean 5S being the latest addition.

The benefit of having such a high XP -process maturity is that roughly after 25/37 practices the software engineering team starts to break even for the customer, i.e. they cost the same as they produce. At 30 practices the team typically produces more than they cost, and near 37 practices the team hits so called super-productivity enabling the delivery of world-class products at very high efficiency. This is the way how we claim our main sales proposition of delivering Sustainable IT Services where the life-time of the systems we deliver can reach decades compared to the few years or months when using more traditional practices.

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